Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Tip: My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets 2.0

A few months ago I shared with you my top 10 favorite gadgets that I use constantly in my kitchen. Well, time has passe and new gadgets have found their way into my home, and my heart. And I found it was time to share them with you. You could probably guess a couple of them seeing as I have been sharing french macaron and popsicle recipes with you to no end. So here's a little insider's tip to my favorite products in my kitchen right now!

These popsicle molds are the perfect way to spend summer indoors.
We use this coffee bean grinder every morning for the freshest tasting coffee.
Seashell baking shells kick any plated meal up a notch.
This macaron silicon mat is for making macarons, duh.
And what would I do without my food processor?

This post was not sponsored, nor were any products given to me. All purchases and opinions are my own.

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