Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloweekend Photo Recap

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloweekend, complete with all of your favorite bite-sized candies, and maybe even some king-size! After a crazy work week, I was ready to let loose and imbibe on all of my favorite October festivities. Friday night we carved pumpkins and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, which some would argue is a Christmas movie and not a Halloween movie, but it will always be Halloween to me! Then on Halloween day we watched Hocus Pocus and prepped our costumes. We decided to take our get-ups one step further, since the holiday is known to be quite revealing at times, so Andrew went not just as mustard, but slutty mustard. I donned a bra on the outside of my costume and went as a slutty hot dog. It got some laughs, and that's all we were aiming for. We were beat after a fun night at our annual potluck dinner, handing out candy, playing games, and tossing back a few apple cider mule cocktails. And no Halloween party is complete without a spooky cut-out photo opportunity. Sunday was anything but lazy. With a Costco run, puppy class, and taking our holiday photos (eek!!), we crashed hard with some Pad Thai takeout and Amy Schumer stand-up. All in all it was an amazing weekend, so let's make sure our clocks are set to the correct time zone, because we are full-steam ahead into winter folks!

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