Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Which Wich' Do You Prefer?

Normally, 'Hot Dog' is all about trying new recipes and cooking tips, but today I want you all to know about a new restaurant to try. Since I know there are readers of 'Hot Dog' all over the country, I decided to let you know about a great sandwich shop that you can find in many states across America. My cousins decided recently to open up a shop called, "Which Wich", where the slogan reads, "Which Wich Would You Prefer". It is the DIY of sandwiches, with 51 different varieties. They originally got the idea from the East Coast, and brought it to the Valley of the Sun. Last night I had my first experience, and let's just say it definitely won't be my last.

When you walk in there is a giant board with different categories like turkey, chicken, seafood, beef, and even vegetarian! Once you decide what the bulk of your sandwich is going to be, you grab the corresponding bag and begin filling out your sandwich's fillings. They have all of your basics; mustard, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, but then you start to see things like cranberries and stuffing, if you're craving a Thangsgiving dinner in March. Then they have different spreads like pesto, buffalo sauce, and even BBQ sauce. The list goes on and on, as it makes it harder and harder for me to make a choice!

Which Wich also offers your sandwich in a variety of ways. You can get it sans the bread in a bowl, you can have it toasted, or you can even make them "skinny your wich", where they hollow out the inside of your bread. To make things easier, if you think you can't stand there and decide within a reasonable amount of time, feel free to go to their website and order online, or print out your Which bag and fill it out before bringing it in to your local shop.

I can list even more reasons to try out your local Which Wich, like the fact that they serve up breakfast sandwiches, kids meals, and their signature sandwich, "The Wicked", which boasts 5 kinds of meat and 3 different cheeses. But if you think sandwiches are great, wait until you try their homemade milkshakes, made with real ice cream, where you can even make them into malts, or add toppings!

Hungry yet? Get to your local Which Which and get creating!!


  1. One of my favorite sandwich places in Iowa City! Club every time...



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