Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy 1-Year House-versary to Us!

I'm not one to shy away from celebrating just about anything {read: half birthdays, the anniversary of our first date, you get the picture}. But this is truly something special to be celebrated. We have spent exactly one year in our first home together. And I wanted to share some memories and progress that we have made along the way! After selling my bachelorette pad in Phoenix last July, we moved in with my parents (aka: the best roommates alive), and planned to stay there for about 6 months while we saved up and searched for the perfect starter home. Needless to say, 6 months turned into 3 weeks, as we ended up finding a great home at a great price (under our budget, yippee!), and the timeline moved up by a lot! When we got the keys, the walls were all yellow and the fireplace was an abysmal pale blue. It's incredible what a fresh coat of paint and some TLC did to liven up the space, and we constantly are telling each other, "I love this house". And while there is still plenty or work to be done (I'm talking to you landscaping), we are pretty happy with what we've done so far in making this the perfect first home, where we will have gone from bf/gf, fiances, and soon, husband and wife!

pulling into the driveway for the 1st time

signing our lives away

front room: before

living room: before

split view of living room and dining room: before

front room, turned bar: after

kitchen after (went on to add a white subway tile backsplash; not pictured)

dining room: after

living room: after

master bedroom after: kept the yellow theme, but way classier

replaced the bathroom door with a barn door for added room and a fresh look

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