Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap: Indiana University Graduation

The best weekends are ones spent with family, in my opinion. Whether it's friends that you consider family, in-laws, or your blood relatives, family is where it's at. We spent a quick weekend in Bloomington, Indiana for my fiance's sister's college graduation from IU. We rented a cabin that housed 8 of us very comfortably and celebrated graduation, birthdays, and Mother's Day all in one. I couldn't be more fortunate to be marrying into such an amazing family, who loves a good glass of wine and lots of laughter. Welcome to the real world Rachel, can't wait to see what adventures your life takes you on, starting with California. I may be biased,  but west coast, best coast!

Intense game of monopoly here, folks. 

Indiana University's Kappa Delta house. #aot

With the grad herself! 

He makes me smile. Maybe it's because the beard tickles? 

We went back to college for 1 night only. 

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