Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Proper Food Storage

 You know those times when you spend half of your week's earnings at the grocery store "stocking up for the week", only to get home, put everything away, and 2 days later your produce has already gone bad? Well I'm here to share some tips on how to properly store your food so that you can get maximum usage and life out of all of your precious goodies! Don't forget to wash and dry them really well before putting them away.

Apples: unwrapped in the fridge drawer; up to 3 weeks
Avocado (whole): refrigerator shelf: 4 days once ripe
Banana: counter top: 3 days once ripe
Berries: in plastic container: refrigerator drawer: 3-4 days
Citrus: refrigerator shelf: 2 weeks
Grapes: colander bowl: 1-2 weeks
Melon (whole): counter top: 5 days
Melon (cut or halved): wrapped in plastic: refrigerator shelf: 7-10 days
Peach/Plum: refrigerator shelf: 5 days
Pear: counter top: 4 days
Tomatoes: in plastic container: counter top: 5 days

Asparagus: refrigerator shelf: in unsealed plastic bag: 4 days
Bell Pepper: plastic bag: refrigerator shelf: 1 week
Broccoli: refrigerator drawer: wrapped in plastic: 5 days
Cabbage: refrigerator drawer: wrapped in plastic: 2 weeks
Carrots: refrigerator drawer: plastic bag: 3 weeks
Cauliflower: refrigerator drawer: wrapped in plastic: 5 days
Celery: refrigerator drawer: wrapped in tinfoil: 2 weeks
Cucumber: refrigerator drawer: wrapped in plastic: 1 week
Garlic: dark area: unwrapped: 1-2 months
Lettuce: refrigerator drawer: plastic bag with paper towel: 5 days
Onion: dark pantry: unwrapped: 2 months
Onion (halved): plastic bag: refrigerator drawer: 5 days
Potatoes: dark pantry: paper bag: 1-2 months
Summer Squash: plastic bag: refrigerator shelf: 5 days
Winter Squash: dark pantry: unwrapped: 1 month

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