Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HDFB Home Makeover

I wanted to share with you guys some of the fun things that have been going on my my house as of late. I not only use this blog to share the fun recipes that I make, but also to document what's going on in my life as I journey through it. It's like my own little diary (on the Internet, I know) that I can look back and remember what I was into (hint pumpkin everything), how I was feeling (probably hungry), or what I was craving (pizza!). Today I want to remember the progress that we have made in our new home. We have been here for exactly 1 month now, and boy have we made some amazing changes! When we bought the house, the entire interior was yellow (no!), and the fireplace (aka the focal point of the main part of the house) was a gray/blue. We have since painted the entire house, adding some accent walls in the living room and bedrooms, as well as a mantle made out of wood from a local reclaimed wood shop here in Phoenix. My home renovator extraordinaire, aka my boyfriend, installed pendant lights over the breakfast bar/island, mounted our TV on the living room wall, and even installed a white subway tile back splash in our kitchen (#1 on my must have list). Here are some before and after pictures of some of what we have done so far, but not so much that I spoil it for our housewarming party next week!!

split living room and dining room: before

 split living room and dining room: after 

newly stained and hung mantle

edison bulb pendant lights

 kitchen after paint

backsplash action shot

almost there!

backsplash complete

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