Monday, September 1, 2014

1 Ingredient Ice Cream

My boyfriend was out of town this weekend, which meant that I spent 2 nights alone in our new house, and didn't run home to my parents or to a neighbor's house because the ice maker dropping ice into the bucket sounds like someone knocking at the door all night long. So instead of a gold medal I decided to treat myself with some ice cream. But I knew that if I went to the store and bought a pint of sea salt caramel gelato, though my intentions may have been to save half for Andrew's return, we all know that I would have polished off the entire thing myself. I decided to take the safer route and ditch the grocery store all together. I had a bag of frozen bananas in my freezer, and decided it was time to jump on the banana ice cream train. Just whirl the frozen banana for a few minutes in a food processor, and then top it will your favorite things like chocolate chips, honey, cinnamon, almonds, or be like me and sprinkle some espresso powder on top! Perfect pick-me-up if I do say so myself.

Banana Ice Cream

  • 1 banana, chopped and frozen
In a food processor, add the frozen banana pieces and whirl until smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides with a spatula every minute or so. Serve immediately.


  1. Ok the ice maker noise thing is no joke!! Scary shiz. ...So I dunno if this is a dumb questions, but do you usually peel your banana's and THEN freeze them? or do you freeze them in their peel??

    1. I like to peel them, slice them into like 1/2-inch rounds and then freeze them. They are great add-ins to smoothies as well!

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