Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Coffee Ice Cubes

I am really loving these Tuesday Tips. I love bringing something super simple, yet game-changing to the table. I have recently fell in love with Trader Joe's cold brewed coffee concentrate, which is perfect for hot summer days when I don't want to brew hot coffee and then add ice to it, which immediately waters it down and negates the whole purpose of a cool iced drink on a hot day. However, I couldn't manage to drink the whole container of the concentrate within the limits of the expiration date, so what did I do? Turned it into caffeinated ice cubes. By freezing the coffee concentrate and a little water, I have the perfect ice cubes to use in my coffee, and when they melt, I just get more coffee, instead of a watery, flavorless mess.

You don't have to use coffee concentrate by any means, by the way. You can simply brew black coffee and freeze in ice cubes trays, or go one step further and pre-cream (is that even a word?) them so that as the coffee melts, you also get more creamer to balance out the flavor.

Coffee Ice Cubes
  • 2 cups brewed coffee or coffee concentrate/water combination
Freeze the coffee into ice cube trays, and then keep in a large freezer zip lock bag for future use. 



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