Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Room Temperature Ingredients

Have you ever sought out to bake some delicious cookies, brownies, or a cake, and after incessantly following the directions step by step, then re-reading them to make sure you didn't miss something, you still couldn't figure out what went wrong, because your dessert came out resembling a dense pancake?

The answer my friends, is room temperature ingredients; specifically butter and eggs. Baking is a science, and in order for the dessert at hand to have that airy, flaky, light texture, we need to allow the eggs and butter to lift and raise. 

When eggs and butter are whipped together it creates air pockets that hold and actually expand during the baking process. So next time you want to whip up a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies, remember this HDFB tip and get those eggs and butter to room temperature before you get started!

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