Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hot Dog Review: Essence Bakery

The best thing ever happened last week. My favorite restaurant opened a second location less than a mile from my front door step. Essence Bakery is the end all be all of food for me. They serve breakfast and lunch, with breakfast being offered all day on the weekends. I stopped in to their new location last weekend to introduce my boyfriend to their magical macarons, in which case we decided that we will most definitely be getting diabetes in the near future, because we won't be able to drive by without wanting to stop in and grab a treat. Eseence's Arcadia location on 36th and Indian School is much larger than their Tempe location, which features adorable whisk light fixtures, a huge dessert case displaying their tasty morsels, and a great selection of locally grown, organic, and gluten-free menu items. But be forewarned, it does take a little while for your food to arrive to your table, so bring a book, or dine with a friend so you can chat away the time. I may or may not have eaten my macaron while I waited...

3830 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, Z 85018
Open Tuesday-Saturday from 7am-3pm

What to Order:

French Scrambled Eggs with Toast
Croque Madame

Eggs Benedict with Roasted Fingerling (brunch special)

Lemon and Basil Chicken Salad Sandwich with Potato Salad

ANY of their amazing pastries (Pumpkin Spice macaron pictured below)

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