Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hot Dog Review: Tommy Bahama Restaurant

Tommy Bahama is a brand known for its Island lifestyle, beaches, boats, and the ocean breeze. But if you’re not into their Hawaiian print shirts, or their large sun hats, take a moment to pop in their Island-themed restaurants for a quick bite, or an elaborate dinner! Think fresh seafood, fruity dipping sauces, and fresh flavors everywhere! I have been dining at Tommy Bahama here and there for a couple of years now, but only recently did I remember how absolutely decadent their food is. We ate there last week for a work luncheon, and we were spoiled with an appetizer, main course, and dessert!

The dining experience at Tommy Bahama is very tropical and fun. Think large leaf fans, bamboo furniture, fresh flowers, and light string music playing in the background. They have the option to open their entire upstairs dining room up, and enjoy the cool breeze when the Arizona weather permits. They also have an outdoor courtyard dining area complete with misters and umbrellas.

To start, they have a large list of appetizers from ahi tuna tacos, short rib sliders, seared scallop sliders, crab cakes, and my personal favorite, their coconut shrimp. Paired with a papaya-mango chutney and an Asian slaw, you are presented with some of the largest shrimp I have ever laid my eyes on, and the taste is out of this world. Also, if you are looking for something comforting, try their chicken tortilla soup. Always a great choice when it’s a little chilly outside.

After you’ve nibbled a bit on their world famous shrimp, take a peek at some of their entrees like Roasted Jerk Chicken, Filet Mignon, Crab Stuffed Shrimp, or the Miso Marinated Cod. These entrees don’t come cheap, and range anywhere from $22-$38 per plate. But easily worth every penny. Every bite just melts in your mouth, and even as you begin to get full, you can’t help but finish every last bite.

At our luncheon we were lucky enough to dine on their jerk chicken salad complete with mango, cranberries, and nuts. It was extremely refreshing!

But make sure you don’t become too gluttonous, because Tommy Bahama has some killer desserts. If you are anything like me you will find yourself craving them at 2pm on a Wednesday in your office, wishing that they delivered key lime pie…ahhh, that would be the life. Their dessert selection varies from triple chocolate cake, pina colada cake, pineapple crème brulee, butterscotch pudding, and my all-time favorite, the key lime pie. They do not skimp on the servings here, and you will find yourself not wanting to share.

Tommy Bahama, though it is an Island-themed diner, can run you a pretty high bill if you decide to order all of the bells and whistles, and you may want to dress a little more business casual than just casual. It’s a great atmosphere, and the employees are very attentative and friendly. I highly recommend TB for a special birthday or fun night out on the balcony celebrating that someone special. And don’t forget to order the pie.

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