Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time for Some R&R

As I sit down and write this I have a large (you may underestimate my definition of large) glass of red wine on my coffee table, trashy re-runs of Nip/Tuck on the TV, and curled up in a blanket on my couch (apparently I am cold when the A/C is set to 78 degrees). I have successfully packed a weekend getaway bag to Balboa Island to visit a sorority sister of mine for the weekend, and I am more than ready! 

By the time we hit the road Friday morning, my boyfriend will have worked 20 straight days in a row, which makes him my hero. We are more than ready for a well-deserved vacation full of beaches, booze, and beach-cruisers. Look out Newport- here we come!!!! I am fully prepared to come back refreshed and ready to give you more recipes, more fun, and more YUM!!

Everyone be sure to enjoy the first day of summer, and I'll think about you all in Phoenix while I spend the longest day of the year in a city with a high of 70 degrees, the ocean breeze on my face, and my best friend and boyfriend on my arm.

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