Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Weekend Photo Recap

This Christmas was one for the books, and a year of many firsts! It was Andrew's first Arizona Christmas, and although we missed going back to his home in Connecticut terribly, we made up for it by showing him some of my childhood traditions, and even making some of our own to carry on when we decide to have a family. We spend each night of the week leading up to Christmas making a different batch of cookies. By Christmas morning we had made classic frosted sugar cookies, extra chewy ginger cookies, white chocolate chip peppermint cookies and even homemade marshmallows!

We spent Christmas Eve at my childhood home with my parents, while the dogs all wore each other out, sipping wine and watching Love Actually (hands down one of the best holiday movies, amIright?!). Christmas morning, we lazily awoke to stockings piled high with trinkets galore, while we chugged coffee to get ready for a day of fun. Andrew and I donned our new eggs and bacon socks and began unwrapping our gifts with my family (and boy were we on the nice list this year!).

I was fortunate enough to grow up living on the same street as my cousins, and they host Christmas dinner each and every year, complete with prime rib, roasted brussels sprouts, twice naked potatoes, and more! Our job was to bring a pie, so we spent a week looking for the perfect show-stopping dessert. Caramel-Apple Pie won us over, and we made everything from scratch including the crust, the apple-pie filling and the salted caramel drizzle. It went so fast I barely had time to get a half-assed picture, so here ya go!

The day after Christmas we slept in, had a lazy morning complete with Kodiak flapjacks (courtesy of my little brother) and hit the mall for some post-holiday shopping (hello new bedding!)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends and family, carrying on your traditions, making new ones, and spending time with those you cherish most, here and far. Cheers!

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