Thursday, July 3, 2014

Celebrating the USA the ‘Merica way

I recently had an HDBF reader reach out to me, wanting to write a fun piece for the 4th and for you all. After she showed e some of her content, how could I say no? These should give you a good laugh, and a great sense of American pride. Thanks Lydia!

In honor of Independence Day, I thought it’d be worthwhile to take a look a few ways to celebrate—‘Merica style optional, but included.

Make sure to dress the part, from head-to-toe. Commit people—half-assing a themed outfit is never an option.

Nobody mustache him about his patriotism.

 Patriotism: taking the bro-tank to a new level of awesome, brah.

Hold a flag or be the flag—either choice is acceptable.

“…and justice for all (feet)”… Pretty sure that’s how it goes…

Beer and food: because just like apple pie and baseball, one’s not complete without the other.

Gettin’ tanked!

 The only ingredient missing here is some cheese. And a side of ranch to go with that gravy…

This meal would be a misteak to pass up…

A fried ice cream cheese burger, because in America, we like our dessert with dinner.

Activities which, under any other circumstances, would be totally weird—are completely acceptable on the Fourth of July. 

One of his friends should have told him that taking a picture with your fly undone is a terrible idea.

We take pride in multitasking here in ‘Merica.

Good thing this Ace wasn’t handling fireworks near small children (or a propane tank) or anything like that...

Should you wear your patriotic terrycloth onsie to the family barbeque? Heck yes!

Patriotic couples that display together, stay together.

And don’t forget to rope your pets in on the fun, too. You know they’re dying to be as cool as you.

Lydia Mondy is a fan of being a fan. She took a break from her usual geek haunts to pursue some quality patriotic time. After all, who doesn’t love a guinea pig in a beret?

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