Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: 31 Hours in Vegas

This weekend I flew out to Sin City for 31 hours of fun in the sun, champagne toasts, and celebrating the bride to be, my former roommate and a guest on this blog more than a few times, Kris! We made sure to really cram a lot in in such a short time, since I flew in first thing Saturday morning and out again Sunday evening (a little thing called "work" kept me from joining in on the fun Thursday and Friday). If you follow me on instagram, then you already know that we devoured some pretty incredible meals!

I'v decided that it would be pretty amazing to make a Vegas bucket list of restaurants to try before I die. But since Vegas always has something new and exciting popping up, it will most likely be a never ending list! In case you missed my influx of photos online, here are some more peaks into my weekend! Commence over share of photos....NOW!

The best $42 buffet you will ever eat at.

Starbucks' attempt at spelling my name. Close enough.

I mean, how cute? I die. 

Our view from the pool at The Cosmopolitan. Not mad. 

Well hello beautiful dessert ensemble!

Squid ink noodles with red chilis for breakfast. Check. 

And one for the bride! Cheers!

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  1. I totally freaked out when I saw you post about the Wicked Spoon. I was like "OMG I've been there!! I've totally been there!" So I can totally understand how absolutely amazing it is. Did you get the bottomless mimosas?! This looks like such a fantastic 31 hours!



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