Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clever Koi

It seems like every week or so there is a new restaurant in Phoenix that I am just dying to try. Clever Koi was one of those places that I talked about for months. I basically placed it on this giant American-Asian-Fusion-type pedestal, and it gladly lived up to the hype. Located in Central Phoenix, Clever Koi sits humbly next to an attractive salon, with bountiful amounts of parking, and a light rail stop just outside for added convenience. Once you walk in there are plenty of tables and the whole back wall is covered with a lit bar, as well as an open-concept kitchen. And if the weather permits, you can make yourself at home on the patio, which is complete with padded benches and tables.

The Kitchen Feature, listed on the revolving paper sign next to the kitchen read "Asian-Style Meatballs". SOLD. And then as I perused the menu, we landed on the Chicken Katsu and the Roasted Pork Ramen. Everything that we laid our eyes and tongue on was completely filling and 100% delicious. Plus, the portions were massive! And as if the food wasn't enough, we indulged in some pretty crafty cocktails. The bartenders take such pride in their work, and will even re-make your drink before sending it out if it doesn't taste spot on. I also love that the bar menu includes a "Hey Bartender!" section where you are welcome to suggest an alcohol and a preference, such as gin and fruity, and they will make something up that doesn't exist on the menu; only in their minds. Get on in to Clever Koi and see what all the hype is about!

Clever Koi
4236 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
602-222-FISH (3474)

What to Order:
The Donny Wang Fizz (rum, ginger, pineapple, bitters)
The Enabler (whiskey, lemon, maple, bitters)
Asian-Style Meatballs (a must order if offered as a special, with pineapple sauce and braised kale)

Chicken Wings (complete with Kimchi ranch and malt vinegar chili sauce)
Chicken Katsu (crispy teriyaki chicken over kimchi, rice, nori, and topped with a soft egg)
Roasted Pork Ramen (not your typical ramen. made with house made bacon, thinly sliced pork, pickled mustard greens, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and topped with a soft egg)

*Clever Koi did not sponsor this post. This post is solely based on my opinion*

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  1. This look awesome!! That patio is calling my name! Ha!



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