Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Wine Glasses

Yes, you read that right. Rare Rhea has ventured off topic today from food to, well, wine. We recently hosted a girls Christmas dinner at my house, and surprised all of the guests with personalized wine glasses at their place settings.

We started by buying a set of 12 wine glasses at Ross for 13 bucks. Can you say steal??
Then we headed to Hobby Lobby to buy some glitter paint, scotch tape, puffy letter stickers, and irridescent glitter.

To make these adorable party favors, start by placing the first initial of your first name in the center of the glass. Then mark off a large square area with the scotch tape.

Paint in the sqaure with the glitter paint, just enough to have a smooth layer of paint. Then shake the irridescent glitter all over the squared area, sticking glitter to all of the painted area.

Let sit for 5 minues, then carefully peel off the scotch tape, and then the puffy letter sticker (use tweezers if that makes it easier). They should come out looking like little wine glass disco balls! Enjoy!

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