Let’s get one thing straight.  Cooking is my favorite.  The kitchen calls my name like Christmas calls a child (spoiler alert: I also love Christmas).  To err is human; to cook is divine.  Picking up what I’m putting down?  Cooking is how I express myself.  Writing?  Not so much.  I definitely struggled in putting pen to paper and sharing my story.  I’ll cook til my heart gives out, but you put an essay assignment in front of me and we’re going to have a problem.  Even fill in the blanks on tests pissed me off. Why couldn’t everything just be a little fill-in-the-bubble? 

Anyways, my name is Rhea, and I live in Phoenix, AZ with my fiance, the “poison controller” as he refers to himself for HDFB taste-testing purposes.  I am an Arizona native, and love the hundred-plus temperatures in the summertime. I have a million tiny obsessions with everything, and my mind is constantly going 110 mph with ideas for just about anything.

Growing up I always wanted to be a dentist. Not a princess or a fire fighter like most 3rd graders. Nope. A dentist. Once college hit and someone asked me why I wanted to be a dentist, I realized I didn’t have an answer.  I suddenly thought about having to stare into other people’s mouths all day, or children biting me, so I quickly changed my major and sought out a new path. I worked in a multitude of medical offices from plastic surgeons, naturopathic physicians, and physical therapists before I found myself in Sales & Marketing. See. I told you I am all over the place.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday I force my family to watch the Macy’s parade, where I ooh and ahh at every single job on the screen. My mom always laughs at me because I want to be everything from the news anchor, to the baton twirler, to the person who holds the string attached to Snoopy’s left ear. But I always pull myself away from the screen long enough to help my Dad in the kitchen while he whips up a large stack of my grandpa’s famous pancakes (use Krusteaz mix and leave out some of the water to make them thick and fluffy, shh don’t tell him I told you the family secret).

But one thing in my life has always remained a constant. I have always been hooked on food. I would watch the Food Network instead of whatever reality show was up and coming, then try and re-create whatever was on the screen myself. Now you can find me adding my own HDFB flair to recipes, or merging 2 recipes into 1, making a glorious hybrid-food-love-child.  I love to make everything from comfort food, to vegetarian cuisine, to decadent desserts, as long as it means that I am in the kitchen. My happy place.  

Please feel free to contact me. I love to hear from you as readers and friends, and will always try to respond back. You can catch HDFB on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and if you re-create any of my recipes be sure to tag them with #HDFB.


  1. Love this Rhea! You're better at the writing thing than you think you are ;)

    1. Thanks girlfriend! It helps to have a boyfriend who graduated with an English degree. Otherwise my thoughts would be scrambled all over the place :)



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